Drumbeat 2010 :: The Technological Imagination at Work

Barcelona, Spain. November.2010

I just returned from participating in the Mozilla Foundation’s DRUMBEAT Festival on “Learning, Freedom, and the Open Web” held in Barcelona, Spain, Nov 3-5, 2010. I presented two sessions as part of the HASTAC tent called “Storming the Academy.”

HASTAC Tent at Drumbeat 2010: Storming the Academy

1) Storming the Cloud/Crowd: An improvisation and critical examination of the epistemology of tag clouds).

2) Storming the Syllabus: A crowd-sourced workshop on developing tools for use in the large enrollment classroom. (The course I “pitched” for this effort is the Annenberg school of Communication course: Comm 202–Culture and Technology.)

At the closing ceremony Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker announced that FIVE projects previewed at the Festival had been selected for further development by Mozilla.

As it turned out TWO of these five projects were ones that I brought to the festival for discussion and development during my tent sessions. Another ONE of the top five projects was prototyped by students in FutureClass, the peer-led tutorial on collaboration that Professor Cathy Davidson organized at Duke University. Five members of FutureClass accompanied Davidson and the HASTAC@Duke team to Barcelona to participate in the Storming the Academy Tent.

The three project/tools that will be designed over the next 6 months with help from Mozilla developers:

1) A TAG-CLOUD modulator that enables users to investigate the “knowledge of the cloud” for the purposes of representing minority voices, “edge thinking,” and divergent modes of “tagging.”

2) A JUST-IN-TIME small group organizer that would allow an instructor to easily organize a large group of students (200+) into smaller groups for the purposes of in-class discussion, web-searching, and other break-out activities.

3) A CLASSROOM ATTENTION BAROMETER that will enable students to provide real-time feedback to instructors about levels of engagement, questions, and interest.

HASTAC was the only organization representing the world of formal, higher education to be invited to be a community partner in this inaugural Mozilla Drumbeat event.

During the three days of the Festival, many new tools, apps, wikis, and other projects were prototyped or worked on collaboratively and brought to fruition. A Badge Lab was assembled from many volunteers and dedicated others to prototype badges that could gather information available publicly about a user and award a badge to the user to authenticate his or her past contributions, a way of instantly credentializing members of the open source and other contributor communities based not on external forms of credentials (such as college degrees) but on past contributions to the web. Video Lab also prototyped a remarkable new tool that can be used to transform any video into a website, pulling in data from the web, and also translating the video content simultaneously on the page, all generated from open content on the web.

For a full list of activities, see http://www.drumbeat.org/

For the full Storming the Academy tent schedule, visit: http://www.hastac.org/blogs/mdailey/storming-academy-tent.

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