In Celebration :: Paula A. Treichler – Feminist Noir

Cover for Graphic Novel aabout Paula A. Treichler

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In 2006, I created a graphic novel about the distinguished career of Paula A. Treichler: ACE Discourse Detective, to commemorate her retirement from the University of Illinois.  The comic book, called Feminist Noir was illustrated by Roberto Gomez.

    • Shiva
    • October 5th, 2013

    Saw this by chance, and what a remarkable tribute to Paula! Amazingly, a student of mine is writing his senior thesis on doctors’ responses/or lack thereof to the AIDS epidemic of the early 80s–an ethnographic study. And of course I am making him read Paula’s work. What a different world we live in….to my student, all this is ancient history! You seem to be doing amazing work…

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