New Project :: The Distributed Museum

Where is the Museum in a Digital Age?

This project will explore the possibilities for innovative museum visitor experiences using a range of networked technologies and social media applications.  Based on an earlier research project previously supported by the MacArthur Foundation called “Inspiring the Technological Imagination: The Future of Museums and Libraries in a Digital Age,” this effort will include the creation of an interactive application that maps the distributed (digital and analog) spaces of the museum in networked cultures.

Co-Directed with Susana Bautista (Annenberg, USC), this project is sponsored by the Annenberg Innovation Lab as part of our new research track in PUBLIC INTERACTIVES and will involve collaborations with the LA County Museum of Art (LACMA).

Susana and I presented the first version of this project at a Professional Forum at the Museum and the Web Conference in Philadelphia in April 2011.

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