New Project :: Tinkering in a Digital Age

Ways of the Hand is the name of a new transmedia project that investigates the importance skills of tinkering for the purposes of learning, community building, and the cultivation of the technological imagination.

I began this research in 2009 as part of a research project called “Inspiring the Technological Imagination: The Future of Museums and Libraries in a Digital Age.”  With generous funding from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, my research team hosted a symposium on the topic of “Tinkering as a Mode of Knowledge Formation.”

My blog report on this symposium featured several short video statements from symposium participants about the significant value of tinkering in a digital age.  Many of the symposium participants will contribute to the enhanced ebook called Ways of the Hand that will be published next year by the Annenberg Press at the University of Southern California.  This dynamic book will include video postcards from the Makers’ Movement, essays from professional tinkerers and teachers, and interactive applications designed encourage readers to explore the ways that our hands make the world.

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