Performances & Documentary Projects

Art Performances

Photo project as part of Public Domain, Atlanta, GA 1994

Photo project as part of Public Domain, Atlanta, GA 1994

Public Domain “Isn’t Technology Beautiful?” in The Therapeutic State, edited by Critical Arts Ensemble, 1994.

From 1992 until 1996, I participated in the Public Domain art group in Atlanta, Ga., along with Robert Cheatham, Chea Prince, and Jim Demmers. I wrote the text for this photo piece which is a rant about the various sorts of institutionalization experienced by women in a family. I also participated in the creation of the Public Domain Interactive Installation for the Atlanta Arts festival 1993.

Billboard announcing performance by Anne Balsamo and David Shea, Brussels, 1998

Anne Balsamo and David Shea prepare a video for their collaborative performance

Deconstructing the Church of Postmodernism A collaboration with musician David Shea commissioned by the Beursschouwrg Cultural Center, Brussels, Belgium, March, 1998


I had not met David Shea before we were invited to the Beursschouwrg Cultural Center in Brussels to create a collaborative performance in one of a series of commissioned events that paired a “scientist” with an “artist” to perform a conversation. For the collaboration with David, I was cast as the “scientist.” The conditions of the commission was that we had 48 hours to collaborate on the production of an one-hour performance. David Shea, an avant-garde sampling musician and composer brought his deck and hard-drives of samples to use as resources for the performance; I brought my video and slide-image archive of body technologies. From these materials we created a postmodern multimedia ritual based on a feminist critique of masculinist postmodern theory. I performed as high-priest to direct the congregation in their worship and delivered a rapped rant. David performed real-time sound sampling and musical commentary.

Journalistic Documentaries

Apple Webcast team member Sandra Beaudin plans the day's stories

Apple Webcast All that Remains

Atlanta 96: The Street Scene
New media Journalist for Apple Corporation’s Webcast of the 1996 Olympic games

For the Apple Webcast, I worked with a group of Georgia Tech graduate students from the Information Design and Technology Program who were hired as a team of “new media journalists” to cover the street scene in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympic events. Over the 17 days of the Olympics we had a dozen stories published on the Apple webcast site. But several of our more political and critical pieces were actually censored and never appeared on the site. I wrote an essay called “World Wide White Wash” about our experiences participating in this nascent media form. All that remains of our stories and of the Apple webcast itself is a set of dead bones in the form of stripped out html pages found using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. The pages disappeared within two years of the event, which leads me to suspect that everyday the www forgets more than it remembers.

NGO program cover

Georgia Tech delegation

Women of the World Talk Back A multimedia documentary co-produced with Professor Mary Hocks. Created for the 1995 NGO Forum and UN 4th World Conference on Women, Beijing, China, 1995

This project started with an invitation to participate in the 1995 NGO Forum that was going to be staged in conjunction with the UN 4th World Conference on Women in China. I collaborated with another Georgia Tech faculty member to constitute a delegation of female students; as an officially recognized delegation we had lobbying privileges with members of the US Delegation to the UN Conference. The GT Delegation took a booth to the NGO Forum called “Women@Georgia Tech: Making History Now.” My colleague Mary Hocks and I expanded upon this opportunity to create a piece of feminist media activism using what was then state-of-the-art cd-rom authoring tools. Our aim was to provide evidence to our (dispersed) feminist colleagues that these new technologies could serve feminist political aims. The resulting interactive documentary called Women of the World Talk Back is part of the Designing Culture transmedia project.