Onomy Labs, Inc.

Demo Room at Onomy Labs, Inc. Menlo Park, CA


Onomy Labs is a make-tank for the creation of novel interactive devices, experiences, and architectural installations.

Onomy Labs builds “signature interactives” for clients such as museums, corporations, cultural centers, conference organizers, civic organizations, and educational institutions.

The company was founded in 2002 by Anne Balsamo, Mark Chow, Dale MacDonald, and Scott Minneman (all former members of the RED group at Xerox PARC). Mark Resch joined the company in 2004 as CEO.

Anne Balsamo left Onomy Labs in 2004 to return to teaching full time. She continues to work with the company on occasional projects.

Liberty Science Installation

Installation in the atrium of the Liberty Science Center by Onomy Labs, Inc. 2008.